Lakers vs Nuggets Game #6

29 May

After an amazing game on Wednesday, the Lakers have taken their rightful place in the series, leading 3-2. It seemed as if though the game would go to OT since every quarter ended in a tie. Both teams were playing well, despite the fact that the turnover rate was still high on both ends. Like every other Laker fan, I found myself hollering at the TV waiting for the Lakers to wake up and play like the champs that they are. Seems like Shannon Brown heard all of us in the 4th Quarter with his commanding dunk over “Birdman” Anderson, which many say was the turning point for the Lakers win in the 4th Quarter.

Who would’ve known that all it took for the Lakers to wake up was for Brown to show us what the Lakers are made of. Now as we near game 6 tonight we can only hope that we can carry that same intensity over to Denver tonight. Its no easy task to take out a team on their home court, but its definitely something our Lakers are capable of.

When Kobe was asked about his approach to game 5, here is what he had to say:

“It was a big gamble for me coming in, but I wanted to change my approach this game and be more of a decoy,” he said after adding eight assists, several out of double-teams in the fourth quarter. “The past couple games they really were loading to my side and I figured I could be a decoy and try to give chances to my teammates.”

Seems like his strategy worked, lets hope it works again tonight.

As always, lets back up our Purple and Gold, GO LAKERS!!

And for those of you who missed Shannon Brown posterizing Birdman, here it is, along with highlights of game 5:


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