Air Jordan 11 Retro “SpaceJam”

1 Aug


Finally the sneaker that has never been retro before is now gonna be release once again. Last release in 2000 will now make its comeback on September 27, 2009. The black/blue colorway also known as the “SpaceJam” cause of its first glance was during the movie “SpaceJam” At a first glance, this “Space Jam” sneaker ls a carbon copy of the 2000 released retro; however, the only glaring difference between the two is the Jumpman placement direction. The 2000 retro release had both Jumpman logos on each sneakers pointing towards the frontal part of the shoe. This 2009 “Space Jam” retro release will feature the Jumpman logo on the left shoe pointing towards the rear of the shoe, while the right shoe has the Jumpman also pointing towards the frontal area. In addition, the 2009 version will also possess a blue Jumpman logo on the outsole as opposed to the white Jumpman logo seen on the 2000 retro. Despite the minimal alterations, this sneaker will be nothing less than a hit on Black Friday. Enjoy these teaser pics from  🙂



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