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21 Mar

Keeping with the same WU-TANG spirit as my last post, here is a sneak peek at one of our newest prints dropping this week. In honor of a great MC and most importantly a great teacher, ODB. Two colorways available including a “killa beez” colorway.


Shirts are hitting the shelves and on-line store next week!!

Wu-Tang vs The Beatles – ODB – Got Your Money


Introducing NAK

7 Mar

Born into a third generation of Filipino immigrants in Los Angeles in 1989, yet raised in a middle income, family oriented, small suburban community located outside of the LA county in the Inland Empire; NAK was reared and destined to lead an ordinary life full of sheltered growth with the expectation of much academic success. With his mother as a full time nurse, and his father as an ex-Navy veteran- working full time as a refrigeration technician- NAK’s upbringing was enriched by a safe environment, quality education, a firm foundation in the Christian belief, with no financial difficulty.  Hardship is something NAK has never faced.

A seemingly typical child from a typical middle class family leading a typical life.  In high school, succumbing to pressure, he tried his best to keep up with the latest trends- whether it be the most recent fashion, the “hottest” music, or what social functions to attend- wasting much of his time and hard-earned allowance to purchase those kicks is wearing, or making the effort to show up at the party.  Often his attempts to keep up with his image failed and ended up in ridicule; he was never popular, he was never special, and never did he have many friends.

But typical is far from what NAK is.

NAK’s hip hop career was birthed out of a cry for respect and attention.  With his primary influence as Immortal Technique, NAK began to experiment and practice with wordplay and rhyme, and used his high school as a proving ground.  In high school, he was frequently engaged in rap battles, crew beef, and diss tracks; as practice, he actively participated in the online text-rapping community.

When NAK grew to become fairly known in his hometown, he realized something that would soon be the spark to a transformation in his life; he was still empty inside.  The respect, the notoriety, the props… were all now meaningless to him.

NAK was seeking something that was beyond him.  Something that fully satisfies.  And he found exactly that in God.

During the second half of his senior year in high school, NAK turned his life fully over to God, and slowly transitioned his rap career to become more focused on Him.  It took literally years for him to stop cussing, and he gave up the marker, the spray can, the hookah and alcohol to pursue God in everything he does.

As the years had progressed, NAK’s frequent phases of isolation and solitude drove him to deeply reflect of his past; slowly did he begin to realize that the demands and pressures of his high school were ultimately… a waste of time.  After digging deeper into the underground and classic hip hop world, listening to artists such as Company Flow, CYNE, Atmosphere, KRS-One, A Tribe Called Quest… he picked up his 50 Cent CD’s, gave them a quick listen once more, and concluded… “these lyrics are ridiculously stupid.”  Skimming through his closet full of his oversized shirts with brand names that were hot back in the day, he came to grips that… he wasted so much money; and gave them all away to his relatives in the Philippines.

A new NAK emerged from the rubble of his past; an artist who no longer raps for respect, material wealth, or fame.  But rather, for God.  In this, his rap career took flight.

Today, NAK takes an innovative and refreshing approach in delivering the message of God through his lyrics; equally building awareness, inspiration, and ultimately, empowerment.

Progress, Progress, Progress…

20 Feb

It’s definitely been an interesting week for VP. We’ve been hard at work printing a new set of t’s, a few different color ways and a few new designs that are still covered up. This time we are also going to be printing some girl t’s so keep an eye open for that. Theres no greater feeling than blasting KRS-ONE and working on a KNOW YOUR ENEMY tee. Here are a few pictures from this week.

Quick KYE Stencil


Limited Black on Grey KYE PRINT!!!!!!!!

Reserve your order now!!!

For any questions on reserving/ordering, contact Ish at

New VP T’s Available!!!

25 Sep

Now available on our on-line store, WE LA and new revised version of Know Your Enemy. Get them while they last!!!





Another Day At The Office

21 Sep

Hard at work on new designs, getting things ready and running properly for our T drop this week. Check out the on-line store thursday/friday for ordering information. We’ve got a few events and many great things that are still under wraps but will be revealed soon. For now, here are some pictures from today.

Picture 020

Coming soon…

Picture 024

Picture 023

New Shirts Dropping This Week.

WE LA Tee Sneak Peek

12 Sep

Stopped by to meet with our boys from Sunday Print Co. Delivered a fresh batch of T’s and got the ball rollin on our new designs.


Here’s a quick sneak peek of our new T dropping soon, WE LA. Just a quick mock-up of how the shirt is going to turn out. Keep checking back as the progress continues…


VP in full effect

17 Aug

We’re glad to announce that VP is back in full effect. Shirts have been dropped off at our new and better print shop and product should be available within a few weeks. Keep checking back for sneek peaks of our new designs “WE LA” and “LIMIT”. Fitted caps are on their way as well as Hoodies and Crewnecks.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Oh and while you wait, pick up a deck, and just Kick, Push.