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22 Mar

I know I know, this footage is late, but here is the footage from the Skate Jam that took place at the La Fayette Plaza.


Official Ian Pruet VP Promo

4 Mar

Mad Steez

Lafayette Skate Plaza Jam Session

13 Nov


Make sure to stop by the VP booth and pick up some t’s while they are still in stock! We’re expecting a great turnout for this event, hope to see you there.

X-Games Rally Finals

17 Aug

The day is August 2nd, its hot as hell, the sound of high performance tuned rally cars and BOV’s fills the air. X-Games Rally Finals has returned to Los Angeles. Located at the Home Depot Center in Carson, Subaru’s and Evo’s slowly but surely start to fill the parking lots as everyone rushes over to the coliseum eager for an even greater rally performance from last year. Everyone was hoping that Pastrana would win yet again with his dominating performance last year, little did everyone know, the fiesta’s came to play this year. Ford unleashed their 2010 Fiesta’s, equipped with over 800hp Turbo AWD in a small 2L, no one knew what was in store for the always dominating Subarus.

Travis Pastrana and Ken Block had to hold their own as they were up against, Brian Deegan, Tanner Foust, and Kenny Brack in their highly tuned Fiestas. This year’s X-Games had alot of suprises, ACP cleared the jump for the first time, Ken Block and Brian Deegan were both disqualified for avoiding the jump and Travis Pastrana ended up getting stuck in his last match for first place against Kenny Brack which handed Kenny the 1st place medal and and Travis with 2nd place. Here is a clip of the last race between Kenny Brack and Travis Pastrana.

We’re really looking forward to see what X-Games rally has in store next year.


26 Jun


In the NBA Finals, the Lakers won the first two games at home. Game 1 was a convincing 25 points win, but they needed overtime to win game two — after surviving a potential game-winning layup by Courtney Lee at the buzzer. When the series shifted to Orlando for Game 3, the Magic were able to win a game, but the Lakers overcame a double-digit halftime deficit in Game 4, taking a commanding 3-1 lead. In Game 5, the Magic stormed out of the gates, leading by as many as nine points, but by halftime the Lakers had taken a 10-point lead going on a 16-0 run in the second quarter. From there they never looked back and went on to win by 13 points, clinching their 15th NBA Championship. Kobe was named MVP of the finals getting his 4th NBA Ring. I guess we can all say it now… “Shaq how does Kobe’s ass taste?”

Three days later the Laker Parade was hosted in Los ANgeles where it started at the Staple Center and ended at the Coliseum where there the Lakers announced to the public where people have been since the night before anticipating their team. I had a chance to go to the parade and it was a fun experience and got a great pic of Kobe and his trophy. Good Job Lakers see ya next year!


DiRT 2!

31 May
DiRT 2

DiRT 2

For those of you who are into the Rally scene, we at VP are patiently awaiting the release of DiRT 2. After a successful and really fun release in 2007, DiRT took the rally scene by storm, also known as Colin McRae’s DiRT. After the passing away of Colin McRae many thought that it was the end of the DiRT and Colin McRae rally game series, thankfully it wasn’t then end as Colin McRae would’ve wanted nothing more than to see a DiRT 2 release as well.

DiRT 2 will feature more in stadium rally cross events, much like X-Games and of course a handful of real rally stages from across the globe.

Los Angeles Lakers vs Orlando Magic 2009 NBA Finals

31 May

The long awaited finals match-up has been decided and to a lot of peoples disappointment, there will be no Kobe vs Lebron match-up during these finals. That’s not to take away any credit from the powerful Orlando Magic. Our Los Angeles Lakers still have a big task ahead of them as the first game of the finals is on June 4th 2009 and can be viewed courtesy of ABC. (Check local listing for channel)

When asked about what to expect from these finals, Ariza had a short answer:

“We won’t be happy until we get our rings”

I think he spoke for all of L.A. and every Laker fan out there when he said that.

One match-up we can definitely look forward to is Bynum vs Howard.

Bynum vs Howard

Bynum vs Howard

Tune in on June 4th for the finals and back up our purple and gold, GO LAKERS!